Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Running

Mt Massive from Silver Rush 50 start
Looking down from Pawnee Pass
Climbing down from Pawnee Pass

The ice-cold pool where I went swimming - and lost a $220 pair of prescription sunglasses

 The Four Passes group somehow fractured right before the trip. So two people ran it from Crested Butte and two from Aspen. Didn't really matter. Everything went smoothly throughout the run and we met many other ultra-runners from the region.

North Maroon, starting the Four Passes Loop

Snowmass Peak from Buckskin Pass

Snowmass Lake from Trail Rider Pass

From West Maroon Pass pointing south

From West Maroon Pass pointing north

Camping and Hiking

Castlewood Canyon is a state park southeast of Denver near Franktown. Most people have never heard of it, since they tend to head west tot he mountains. But it is a beautiful park.

Castlewood Canyon Dam

Castlewood Canyon with Dam in distance

Cherry Creek in Castlewood Canyon
 I've spent some time running near Leadville, running into The Usual Suspects that haunt the high trails for the unique training they offer (and the views).
Along the road to Mosquito Pass east of Leadville
I don't remember a better year for wildflowers.

East of Leadville, looking west to Mt Massive
Deer Creek Canyon park southwest of Denver