Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fried Foods

This is a stupid research report...
Fried food heart risk 'a myth'
Most of us know the rule to avoid "fried food" refers to deep-fat friers, which can also be done with several inches of fat in a deep skillet.
This study, however, included sauteed food. It seemed to focus on sauteed foods. You know, a pan and a squirt of oil or spray of canola, sunflower, sesame, or olive oil.

So today we hear about a teenager who collapsed and was rushed to the hospital because she's been 'surviving' on fried McDonald's food. The problem was lack of vitamins. Granted, if she had been taking one multivitamin a week her whole life, she probably wouldn't have collapsed, but even then she'd have poor health. Deep-fat frying destroys vitamins. In fact, many scientists say that vitamins themselves can be toxic - they're too concentrated. On an empty stomach, some vitamins are somewhat poisonous.

Nothing beats whole, uncooked foods. I don't think this includes "whole" boxes of McNuggets.

I don't eat a perfect diet, but I also won't lie to myself or twist the truth.

(That's why I have to say that dark chocolate RULES!!!)

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a Jeff Thing - You Wouldn't Understand

That's what a shirt says that my boss gave me for Christmas. I'm a quirky person. Duh.
My boss knew I'd take this the right way, and my co-workers thought it was perfect - perfectly right-on funny!
She found this shirt in a store, and there were no others. You might think there were lots of shirts with various names, but there weren't. Sure, there probably are other shirts somewhere, but there was only this one shirt with "Jeff" on it, and she thought it was perfect.

For sure, I'm not wired the same as normal people. Not better, not worse - just very different. And this makes my friends laugh, and smile and we have fun with it.

I went to a wedding in Nebraska over New Years. My religious beliefs are very different than my parents, and I got all sorts of ridicule over the past couple of decades. They just couldn't let it drop! Every time I got with more than one family member they couldn't resist ganging up with derogatory crap about how I'm going to hell and whatever. So I wasn't looking forward to the weekend.
However, somewhere along the line, they seem to have changed their collective minds. Apparently my tenacious willingness to sideline my own gratuitous pleasures to stay devoted to being my son's father have surprised them. For a damned and worthless creature, I have been honorable, strong, and responsible. Heck, almost virtuous. So they didn't slather on the ridicule.
We didn't celebrate New Years. There was enough partying related to the pre-, during-, post-wedding that New Years kind of got lost in the shuffle. In short, we all had a really good time, and there wasn't any religious bullshit all weekend long. I never thought I'd see the day! Hallelujah and happy new year!