Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Run 2009

This year, the Denver Trail runners ran the Mesa Trail south of Boulder and along the Flatirons.
DTR's big weekly run is the Thursday evening run, but since Thanksgiving was on Thursday, we obviously weren't going to do an evening run.
We met at 9am at the southern trailhead. I didn't stick with the main group. Besides, the group broke up. Some ran for an hour, others for two, etc. So the socializing we did at the start was about all there was, except for the person(s) you ended up pairing up with on the trail.

I ran outbound for 3 miles, turned my ankle, stuck it in snow for about 5 minutes, then ran back.
So I've had plantar faciitis since March, severely since May, on the left foot, and now I sprain my right foot.
The swelling is not really on the ankle but in front of the ankle. Kinda weird. But not so bad. It will no doubt take the usual month to heal, but it's not so severe that I can't use it. I limped yesterday, but I'm not today. The danger is that I won't feel pain, and then will torque it and re-injure barely-healed tissues.

Man, I can't take myself anywhere, can I?

I turn 50 in six weeks. One of my many bosses at work came to me and said, "You said in your email that you're turning 50?" Yep. "Fifty?" Yep. "Really?" Yeah, why? "You don't look that old." I don't feel that old, in spite of all the ravages from injuries, illnesses, disease, and years.

Still not sure what I'm going to do as far as adventures and parties. Probably a party on Saturday, Jan. 9. I have to work Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, but I don't have to work next year until the 11th. So I plan to put some miles on this body and have a grand adventure. 'What' adventure will have to wait to see how my plantar is doing. If it's not so great, I'll have to stick to non-running - maybe biking in Utah. If the foot is good, and the snow not so deep, I might do the Grand Canyon R2R2R from the north rim.

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