Saturday, December 19, 2009


Still pondering the options for my 50th birthday week of adventure.
My plantar is not good. It's still better than it was two months ago, and it's still on-the-mend. It's just not mend-ed. Trying to do 50 miles would be possible, but it would set me back to square 1. No more square 1!! I've had enough of that!

The Grand Canyon is out because my plantar can't tolerate any steep descents.
In fact, I'm not keen on staying in any national parks because they have too many rules. I want to enjoy myself, after-all, and going from a city to another place with a bunch of rules just sucks. So if I enter a park, it will be temporary day-use only.

I'm looking at mountain biking alternatives, even though the nerves in my ass and hams shoot shafts of pain for weeks from such activities. Cabin fever says I must get out, and I feel I must deserve my 50th birthday. It's hard to feel deserving spending it all between hot tubs, massage tables, and bars.
Don't get me wrong - I intend to spend appropriate amounts of time there also! I just haven't made up my mind where to go, yet, and it may be decided as I'm driving out of town.

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  1. 50, ha? Come to Guads, play with us. And treat your stupid plantar already! Have you done cortizon?


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