Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keeping the Weight Down

I've finally got my weight back under control.
In October, I cut out my primary vise - every weekday at work, I allowed myself one rootbeer. The stuff is poison. Sweetened with corn syrup, carbonated, no nutrition. I switched to tea.
I've been drinking less than ever. I haven't cut it out, for sure, but I recently drank my last beer in the frig. It sat there for two weeks. That breaks all records.
I've been eating soup regularly.
Overall, I'm just as pleased with what I'm eating. I don't feel like I'm sacrificing anything. That's always the goal. Sacrifices seem to be temporary.

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  1. I cut out Coke at the beginning of the year and substituted green tea and the occassional black tea. What a difference! I'm down 6 pounds! The first few days were very rough, especially when I went back to work, but I no longer have the urge.

    Happy Birthday, btw! You look 50 years young! Take care. Maybe, I'll get to see you this Summer up in CO.


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