Thursday, November 25, 2010

DTR Thanksgiving Day Run

We were supposed to meet at Noa Noa coffee shop, but I was running late. Then I took the wrong highway west from Golden and ended up on the wrong side of Centennial Cone Park. But it didn't really matter. I met up with the group 20 minutes later.

The wind was raging, and the temps were frigid. Thankful it wasn't -36 like it was in Leadville this morning!

I gave blood on Tuesday, so my legs weren't getting oxygen. I wasn't light-headed. It was as if I had just finished a race two days before. My legs just weren't cooperating. But I still got some decent miles and time-on-feet.

This is where everyone headed back, and I continued for some longer miles.

Mine were the only tracks for much of the way.

I saw two adult bobcats, a hawk that flew out of the grass a dozen feet away, a Rocky Mountain Bluebird flew across the trail in front of me, and whitetail deer tracks - a doe and two fawns. Unusual to see two fawns with one adult. The fawn tracks were so small they must've been the size of a medium dog.

James Peak on the horizon.

In all, 17.2 miles.


  1. I have yet to run this trail, but now your pics have inspired me! bobcats, eh? Are those anything to worry about with little 'ol me and the pup? (yeah I'm originally an east coast girl, so I am still getting used to the idea of living in mountain lion and bear land).

  2. Bobcats? Awesome. Happy Thanksgiving, JeffO!

  3. Thea, it's a lot like Apex but MUCH bigger! Come to think of it, there's a mountain lion in Apex park. Argos is too big and too furry to have much to worry about from bobcats. Lions are another story.

    Meghan, I've seen plenty of bobcats - squashed on roads. This is the first time I've seen more than a glimpse in the wild, and so healthy.

  4. Rumor is bobcats are not like mountain lions, less agressive. However, I would refer not to be alone when see them:)

  5. a mountain lion in apex??! oh geez i was just there the other day:( I want to see one so bad, but from a distance far, far away.

  6. T, there are 6 documented lions EAST! of Golden! At least one on Green Mtn, probably some on N & S Table Mtns, and along Greenbelt.

  7. >documented lions... At least one on Green Mtn,

    That might explain a recent deer carcass on Green's NE side (already nearly dispersed) as well as natural causes or coyotes. I have seen coyotes taking down deer on North Table, but without doing a CSI investigation I wouldn't know which it was. I've certainly never seen paw prints, and I look... every time I run. I'll have a better chance of seeing prints once the snow falls.

    I've only seen a lion in Bear Canyon in Boulder, trying to sneak across the trail to behind some rocks when it heard me. In general I'd rather not see one, but I'm glad I spotted it.

    I don't suppose you know of any online resources for that?

  8. @mtnrunner2, I don't know of a site for posting sightings. There are plenty of warnings, and kills frequently make the news.
    Nick Clark in Ft Collins found a deer carcass on his driveway one morning, and he lives in a suburban neighborhood - not even out in the woods.

  9. Interestingly enough, just this evening I had an experience that favors the mountain lion theory regarding the deer carcass I mentioned.

    I was running up near Green Mountain (Lakewood) after dark -- actually right near Red Rocks Community College. A police car stopped next to me as I was running on the street and the officer said they had a recent call from a homeowner about a mountain lion in the area; "I just wanted to let you know". I thanked him and we both went on our way. That location is about 3/4 mile into suburban neighborhoods.

    Um… Maybe I'll run farther downhill at night, from now on.

    This was the post that made me wonder if CO had any online resources: The Santa Monica district actually posts the ranges and the code names of the lions.


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