Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hardwater Snowshoe Race 2011

I think wearing feathers is cheating. It's an unfair advantage. But I found a feather on the ground and stuck it in my cap. So there!

Started with my fleece vest on and expected to have to take it off a quarter mile into the race, but the race start coincided with a cold-front and precisely matched my warm-up. So I was perfectly comfortable the whole race.

I fell down multiple times, but no injuries.

Minimal ice build-up. My duct-tape repairs totally failed. Lucky my shoes didn't disintegrate.


  1. a) where did you get your snowshoe's? what kind?
    b) what shoes do you wear snowshoe running?

    I love to snowshoe but have never tried officially "running" in them for longer than a sprint. I wear gore-tex hiking boots...

  2. I got my Atlas Race 25's mail-order. I can't remember where from, but they were on sale.
    The Dions are better.
    One significant problem with snowshoes is the way your shoe squirms around in the bindings. To compensate, you tighten the bindings until the tightness rubs you bad and cuts off circulation. Bolting shoes on solves lots of problems.
    I also got rid of the heel plate and cleat. It saves even more weight, and my heel seldom hits the back anyway.
    I used an old pair of Solomon trail shoes, but it doesn't much matter. It helps to have space for two pairs of sox. In wetter or colder environments, GoreTex sox help. For real severe water depth, nothing beats duct taping bread or newspaper bags over your sox. The shoes don't need to be waterproof. If you step into water, it will fill up GoreTex shoes. Better to have summer shoes that will drain out fast.


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