Friday, March 4, 2011

A Cold

I've been repeatedly dodging the bullet. Everyone around me has been getting sick with "the crud". When I've gotten sick, I'm just run-down for a day. This one started that same way. For an entire day i had to wonder if I was sick or not. I didn't feel bad, really, but something wasn't right. And all day I just stayed the same. When I drove by Wash Park on a sunny day and saw everyone running, and I felt no urge to join them, I figured I HAD to be sick. As I was going to bed, finally I began to feel it in my chest.
It never got severe. My job requires me to touch a LOT of people's stuff. Keyboards and mice are as filthy as money. Funny how many of us wash our hands at fast-food restaurants, then go to the register to pay and touch money that has passed through 400 people's fingers.
Who knows where I caught it from? One day with less than ideal hydration, maybe not enough sleep, and pow. So even though I wasn't real sick, I took Monday and Tuesday sick-leave to keep from spreading it around. I slept and slept and slept some more.
I ran hard for probably over 13 miles Thursday night, so I'm mostly over it.

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  1. Man, I pay close attention to sequence of contact and keeping the hands clean, and I've still ended up with 3 illnesses this winter.

    Oh, and I got a flu shot. That may have helped the severity of what I caught this week at least.

    That reminds me, time to clean my keyboard and mouse ;)


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