Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Training on Princeton & Antero

Plan A was to pace people at the Leadville 100, but as I got closer, I was not feeling in the mood for crowds, noise, etc. I realized I was too battle-worn from work and needed a stress-relieving weekend, not a stress-creating weekend.
So I left the Twin Lakes area and headed back to Buena Vista.
Saturday, climbed Princeton. Smoky scenery. Started too late, finished by flashlight.

Sunday, ran Antero.

Smoky scenery from forest fires.

Passed four 4x4's going down. The last guy was yelling at me but I couldn't understand. He didn't seem mad, just bewildered. Probably wondered how anyone could sprint down a road that's basically a steep pile of rock rubble. To tell the truth, I don't know how. It's freaky to see the road which totally looks un-runnable, and yet I really had no trouble. I guess the rocks were just loose enough to yield the way they needed, while not being too large. And the underlying dirt road was smooth and firm enough not to cause any ankle twisting. So it looked far more impossible than it was.
Quads got a good trashing, but not totally wasted.
Road my bike 2hrs Monday.
Road my bike 90min Tuesday.
Ran 5.5M Wed as fast as I could, but I was fairly worn-out. Going to sit on my ass a day or two to make sure I don't end up doing too much too soon. And injury would SUCK, at this point. My body is responding better than expected. It's starting to feel like the old days. Still over 3wks until Steamboat 50.
I found a black smudge on my inner thigh. I put some alcohol on a wash rag and tried to wash it off. It wouldn't. So I looked closer. It's a big ass bruise. Funny that it doesn't hurt much. I don't know how I managed to do it.
The knees hurt and my right foot and heel hurt, but nothing a couple days of rest shouldn't take care of.

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