Monday, May 13, 2013

More runs and snowshoeing

Been doing far more than this blog would have you know.
I totally left out that I ran Red Hot 55k back in February.
Left out a weekend in Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park with friends.
I never got any photos of doing slot canyons in San Rafael Swell. Oh, well.
Here's a smattering of photos from many weekends.

Waterfall and water wheel in Idaho Springs



Waterfall on North Kaibab
 Returned to the Grand Canyon to do Rim2Rim2Rim. Wow, Colorado ultra-runners were swarming the canyon! There were over 40 of us.
I won't return for R2R2R. There's too much else to do in the Canyon, and elsewhere.
Partially caved-in tunnel near North Rim

My bedroom on BLM land, La Sals in the background

Rabbit food! Yum!

Sparkling cold snow

On shoulder of Quandary
Quandary summit

Sheep on top of cliff looking down on us
Black bear tracks (yes, they use Blistex)

Partners in crime, Maria, Alicia, Matt on Crater rim near Salida

Crater rim

Rock arch off beaten track near Salida

Salida from the east

Leadville from the mining district
Princeton, Antero, Yale, etc.

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  1. "There is too much else to do elsewhere" is exactly what I am thinking when folks asking me if I am coming to R2R2R, or Hardrockk to hang out, or WS to, there are countless opportunities and lands I don't even know of! :)


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