Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dense, Wet Snow!

You know I love running in snow. Well it was coming down hard and fast, with a bit of wind added for extra credit.
Over the clouds rolled thunder. It was an erie sound, and I eventually figured it was wind, but then the news confirmed that the storm produced lots of thunder.

When I got back to my car, I started clearing it off. There had to have been at least 200lbs of snow on my car, in just the time I'd been parked there to go running 5.2 miles. How's that for "heavy"? By the time I got into my car, it needed clearing off again!

I figured I'd better get photos, or no one would believe me.
John Crowther was the only other person brave enough to join me.

See the pile of snow on my hat bill? I didn't know it was there. When I sat in my car and took off my cap, the pile landed in my lap.
At the restaurant afterward, I'd mentioned to the waitress that I only eat at restaurants after running. She said, "You went running?" "Yeah." "You mean like outside running?" We were standing by the window and the blizzard was billowing under the street lights. I just thought, what other kind of running is there?
It was definitely a fun run.

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