Monday, April 26, 2010

Where I'm At

On Tuesdays, I run two laps around Wash Park - total: 5.2M
My pace is about 1:00-1:15/M slower than a year ago.

Quarter mile track sprint... my lap is 1:34 - 0:19 slower than a year ago. Multiply the quarter x4 = 0:76/M slower than a year ago.

On Saturday, I ran 10.6M. My pace at 8:30/M pace, which is 0:45/M slower than a year ago.

I don't feel inclined to increase my mileage until I can run these same distances faster than a year ago.

The metatarsals on the right foot are starting to hurt again. I thought I was past that. Not sure what to do, diet-wise. I already eat glucosamine pills, calcium, Knox Nutra-joint, fish pills, and a healthy diet of mostly veggies, with decent amounts of fruits, nuts, and grains. Chicken or turkey is my preferred meat.
I can't figure out why my body's structural integrity keeps faltering. I've been quite careful, gradual, methodical, yet my body just isn't getting with the program. Still stuck in the 21-27M/wk range.

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