Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some Trail Running Pix

Golden Colorado from the Castle Rock (an old volcanic core).

This infamous chunk of rock once had a trolley line and restaurant on top.
It also had the KKK burning crosses before the town became more civilized.

A flock of deer hens on South Table staring and chewing.

North of Fruita, CO. Another example of why I hate rednecks. These are our tax dollars getting knocked down by 4x4's, and shot full of holes. So now I'm more likely to get hassled about my own guns and camping. The BLM wants to start charging fees to use the area. BLM charging fees?!?! Then it's not BLM land!! If you want to charge fees, turn it into a "park". But vandalism like this is a prime example of why fees are going to be charged.

Arches National Park, my son in the foreground, the LaSal Mtns in the background.

From the north end of North Table Mountain, looking north towards Boulder.

More deer, near North Table Mtn.

North end of North Table, looking northeast. Beautiful powerline tower, huh? They grow naturally up there.

Denver Trail Runners

South end of North Table Mtn, looking southwest over Golden. The trail drops-off the edge and it's a bit of a scramble as you get off the lava-flow cap-rock.

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