Monday, July 19, 2010

Geneva Creek Hiking, Day 1

I hit the trails with my GPS, this weekend. Originally, I was going to take my son, but his mother kidnapped him the day before. Her reasons were good, but geez was it sudden! Her mom in Illinois didn't even know she was coming! Poof! They're on the way!

So I plotted out some of what I hope will be a race course.

Not much to say. I hiked north and came back, slept in the back of my Forester, then hiked south and came back. So I'll just post the photos.

Guanella Pass off my right shoulder and Beirstadt off my left.

The whole pano!

Sometimes the trail is clear and other times you follow carnes.

Lots and lots of carnes. There's so many you could follow it in winter on snowshoes, if the snow wasn't too deep yet.

Some sections are wide, steep, and rocky. Plenty of good trail-running rock-n-roll.

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