Monday, July 26, 2010

Pbville with Friends

I spent last weekend crewing Anita F, Time F, and Theresa D-W on some training runs on the LT100 course.
I'm sitting this one out, since my arm is not strong enough and I've lost so much training and lost muscle to fat. I'd rather crew.
Anita just got done with a 37hr Badwater 135, so she was a little slower than usual, but geez, going so soon after BW, and three days in a row... she's off the charts, what can I say?

First, we met at Fish Hatchery where I picked them up and drove them to Twin Lakes. The clouds lit up in a blaze of glory. This photo was taken about 5 minutes too late.

Then I drove to Half Moon. The official course was changed last year. Ken K decided to make it permanent. So no more Half Moon aid station. It'll be Box Car. But to keep things simple in the dark, they decided to take the old route.

When the run was done, we headed for the exquisite Timberline Motel. This posh villa had a bathroom door that actually closed (with a little shove of the shoulder)!
It was good enough for ultra-runners.

Coffee got us going again Saturday morning. We drove to May Queen trailhead, dropped off Theresa D-W's car, and headed to Fish Hatchery.
I took Toastie the Australian Shepherd and drove back to Leadville to get more coffee at the Provin' Grounds. Toastie was a chick magnet. All extremely cute, all in really good shape, and nearly all of them young enough to be my daughters.
Toastie is a very cool dog! We got along GREAT! Almost made me want to get a Border Collie (almost the same as Aust Shep.)
Then I drove to May Queen again and took Toastie for a hike. We had gone about a mile up the trail when Anita, June, and Theresa D-W were coming down. Toastie went ballistic to see mommie again!

Theresa decided to call it a day, so I had the chance to trot back over Sugarloaf Mtn back to Fish Hatchery with June and Anita. We met Joy Robertson near F-H.

That night, we celebrated Anita's Badwater performance at the Tennessee Pass restaurant - best food in Leadville.

Sunday, we climbed Mount Elbert. I sucked at taking photos. Honestly there were all these cute women running around and I forgot there were any other views to look at. I guess there were still mountains around. Take my word for it.

At least I took one of the King of the Mountain - the surly marmot.

A very fun weekend.


  1. See, if I AT LEAST had mountains around, I would crew, pace, crew, carpool, crew, hike, did I say crew? Damn this Texas!

  2. You need to come run with me.


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