Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Blast of 2010

What a year! Or not. At least I've been recovering from previous injuries. Life has been good, right through the so-called hard times. I've kept my job, my general health, even if not always my structural health.

I could have worked harder, on the running, but I honestly don't care that I placed it at a lower priority. I'm still looking forward to next year running ALL of the usual races, like I haven't done in two years.
One problem is that I signed up for the Barstow, CA, Calico Canyon 50k (2 wks away), and on the drive out there, the San Juan Solstice 50M registration will open. If I'm not registered within the first seconds after registration opens, I won't get in. The plan was to camp, but I don't think the San Rafael Swell has WiFi, so I'll have to get a motel, and get myself up in time. Both could be challenging.

I'm in Leadville, like has become a New Years tradition for me. I don't really party-in the new year. Instead, I tend to have maybe one or two beers after dinner, and then drive up to find a camp site. Usually asleep by 10pm. How's that for boring? But I've really enjoyed spending my New Years this way, so that's why I keep doing it. Besides, I haven't been invited to a New Years party since about 2007/2008. That business is usually for young people who are looking to get laid, not old guys who are retired from the whole boy-girl thang. So the choice has actually been easy.
My Leadville New Years tends to be peaceful, with lots of reading and staring at the wind, trying to clear my mind and soul and clear out the bytes, hertz, and C# code, and get back to nature. Surrounding myself with the most bitter cold and harsh winds have been an important ingredient. What better way to remind myself how mortal I am, and how simple real survival is? Returning to what it takes to stay alive reminds me that there isn't much about modern life that seems to have anything to do with anything.
I like to end the bitter cold with a luxurious soak in the hot springs followed quickly by a hot-stone massage to melt me into the new year. It's like closing the door on whatever was last year, and opening a completely new door on the next.

Namaste to last year, namaste to next, and namaste to all m friends out there!

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