Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crusted Butt

I've been on vacation, and I want to spend my time high. Sunday, I hiked/jogged up Hope Pass, river crossing and all. I tried to mimic guesstimates raceday pace. This was my last semi-workout before the race.
But Leadville is hard to take for an entire week. (Besides, now the Golden Burro is closed! So much for my local discount.)
Monday, I got a soak and massage at Cottonwood Hot Springs, and minor sunburn was free. LaNae seemed to think I was a mess. Said something was floating in the skin in my lower back, and something wrong with my neck. Couldn't believe I felt neither. And the dog bite - I thought it was looking good, but LaNae... Hey, don't tell me how jacked-up I am before Leadville! Wait 'til after - OK?!

Then I drove to Gunnison, then up to Crested Butte. I parked my Forester and immediately met two women. We had desert and margaritas, and one even paid for mine. (!!!) But then they bailed so they could go hiking next morning.

I found a quiet dirt road to carcamp on that night. I woke up several times. I'm a bit confused. I swear something small was running across the roof of my car, but I have my big Thule box on top. The first time, I shined my light on the roof. Nothing. Then on top of the box. Nothing. I'm deaf in my right ear, so I can't hear in stereo, can't tell direction or distance too well. The 3rd time, I looked under the car. The biggest porcupine I've ever seen was underneath. I had a 3-quarter rear view and it held still as if, "if I hold real still I'll be invisible!" I had to crank the starter a couple times to scare it off.

Tuesday morning, I went to look at Judd Falls. Couple miles.

Sat on my ass the rest of the day.
Later that evening, when I was online with my laptop in a parking lot, a bear ran by 20ft away. Whoa - hello! Right through town.

Wednesday, I did a rambling road-trip to every gunshop in the region. It's getting nearly impossible to find gun stores, shooting ranges, reload supplies, and law-abiding dealers who will help you attain whatever specific weapon you want to order.

Anyway, I'm in Salida drinking beer at Amica's. In a while, it's back to Leadville and getting in-gear for the LT100 this weekend.


  1. well, now you spoke my language! Try Freedom First Firearms in Denver (pecos and 70th area) they are good guys. What are you looking for maybe I can help:)
    pics are awesome!

  2. Thanks for the tip, T!
    I can't find your email. Do you have mine?
    I'd rather not mention specifics online.


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