Monday, August 22, 2011

LT100 2011

This was do-or-die, and I died.

I decided weeks ago that this would be my last effort at any 100 miler.
Things were going well the 1st 60.5 miles. That's when everything unraveled - fast.

I stopped because the soles of me feet were wrecked. Shoulda-coulda - I had dry shoes and socks at Twin Lakes and didn't change (to save time).
When I got to Halfpipe, they couldn't find my drop-bag. At all.
My lungs are not healed after all. As I sat terminally waiting for my drop-bag, my lungs started foaming up.
That's the skinny version.


  1. Jeff, I feel for you and can relate. I quit the 100 pursuit after failing leadville 3 times. Sticking to trail marathons. Something more sane and that I can finish under 8 hours.

    Dan Bryant

  2. Heal well. I can't even imagine all that you have gone through. ~j


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