Saturday, November 5, 2011

Differnet Strokes

I have only been running Wed and Thurs, mostly, since Sept.

Large feasts are rare, to avoid gaining weight.

Last Monday, I somehow managed to run 8 miles faster than I think I have in 32 years.

Arthritis in my right foot is getting pretty bad, and causes me to limp a lot, but not while running.

I've been shooting my guns often. This is something I did many years ago, but since my son was born I haven't done much. I used to be an incredible shot with my Glock 17 and Glock 19. It was a natural ability that became better with practice, but I found that neither my natural nor my practiced abilities exist anymore. I guess I'll have to actually train to become good again.
My new AR-15 is very fun to shoot, but I'm having a hard time figuring it out. At 100 yards many shots strayed, but at 508 yards, I shot 20 rounds within about 5" while standing free and shooting fairly rapidly. Go figure. We'll see if I can continue that sort of accuracy the next time.
I wish I had a longer range to shoot at. I would like the opportunity to shoot 7.62mm out to half a mile, if only I could find a safe and legal place to shoot that far.
I used to reload lots of 9mm, but I now need to reload 9mm, .40S&W, 5.56mm, 7.62x39, and if I get the gun of my dreams, 7.62x51 also.

Shooting ranges are getting closed all over the place. There are too many idiots, and all it takes is a couple of idiots to ruin things for everyone else. People take TVs and computers to free outdoor ranges and shoot them up and leave the junk. So these places get posted - no shooting. I have taught my son, always leave with more junk than you showed up with. Always show respect and be safe.

I will return to more camping, like in previous years. Winter used to be my favorite time of year to camp. Maybe it will be again. Hopefully I'm not a wimpy old geezer yet!

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  1. Your range issue sounds like a problem focusing at the shorter ranges and executing the fundamentals like you do at 500 yards.

    Check Freedom First Firearms for your dream 308. They just might have it now.

    Good job on raising your son right. It's sad that his chances of going out and shooting anywhere are going to be so much less than ours was. Firearms have been a huge part of my life and become by trade. I hope my children will love it as much as I have.


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