Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Twice a week

I run twice a week, Wed & Thurs evenings. Maybe every three weeks, I'll also run a Monday.
Being rested, when I do run, I tend to run faster than I've been accustomed to. I regularly run 8:00 or faster, concentrating on using my feet to propel myself a couple of extra inches each stride. This keeps me springy, keeps me from trashing my knees, and strengthens my feet, especially my arches.

Weekends have been spent recreating in less strenuous ways. I've been shooting, shopping online for gun parts to repair or upgrade.

I bought a Navy 1851 black-powder revolver that's as old as I am. This is something I've been wanting for many years. I bought it in Victor Colorado, near Cripple Creek.

This instigated much research on my part. Mine is a brass frame - apparently Confederates used more brass, where Union troops had mostly steel frames. Also, the term "Navy" was gleaned from the caliber: .36. Mine is a .44, which has a step in the cylinder for the bigger loads. So at a glance, you can tell the difference by looking for the step in the cylinder. Obviously the .44 doesn't hold true to the original Colt design.
I've always wanted three black-powder guns, the Navy 1851, a single-shot flintlock pistol, and a .50 Hawken that I insist on building myself from a kit. I want to do the stock myself, and I'm not sure I'll even use the wood stock that comes with the kit - depends on what design customizations I chose. I want it to be a freakin' masterpiece. I used to be a silversmith, in another life, and a tool&die machinist later, so I have the skills. But I need a bigger workshop for that project.

Back to running, there's been lots of talk about Fat Ass wannabes. There is a greater demand than there are races. So maybe I'll slap something together not too far from Denver, and not too high - so that weather can't derail the plans.


  1. explain this Fat Ass Wannabes? Sweet gun!

  2. Fat Ass Wannabes = People who want to run a Fat Ass but don't know of any in their areas. They're shit outa fat-ass.

  3. what's a fat ass?? besides the obvious...haha. I am sooo out of the loop.

  4. It's a free ultra race, very often 50K. If there's no registration, the Forest Service has very little leverage against us. We can just meet and run. Support is often sketchy, though.

  5. ooh sweet! I wanna do a fat ass now!


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