Tuesday, December 13, 2011

El Chubbo 2011

The annual El Chubbo Grande run near Fort Collins was every bit as fun as I'd hoped. After months of getting fat and slow, I let my legs stride out.

It was colder and definitely snowier than last year. There was even several scary patches of ice below Horsetooth rock, but I managed not to wipe-out. The snow slowed everyone down, and only the most elite bothered to go the full 50k distance.

I carpooled, and our driver wanted to get back by 4pm, so I grabbed a ride back at an aid station after only 21 miles.


  1. You are a star for me, Jeff-O! :) I loved your post about commute. No loans ever for me, and I take a bus to the city. On occasions, I need a car after work (like, once a month), and driving to work then finding parking and walking over a mile bacl to work is ridiculous. We had to find a place that Larry's commute would be less in time since he has to drive (outside the city bounds), it's 15 min. I used to run often, it was 8 miles. now that we bought a house, it's 11, and since I've been injured, i haven't tried yet. But I will.
    I have a dream like yours, but I like getting out at times. I'd say every other day I could drive to some other location (like a client's home), but 3 times a week work from home. Nice, huh?
    Did you know we plan on coming to Fort Collins new race in May?

  2. Sounds like a great run and course. I'm envious Nick has those trails across the street from him. Horsetooth was the first place where I went on a mountain trail run for the first time. Ok, those really aren't mountains, per se, as much as really big hills. I had picked up Karnazes book at the local B&N in FoCo and read it cover to cover in one day. I was so psyced that the next day I figured out where the Horsetooth SP TH was located and went for run. Can't wait to get back out on those trails in May. Hope to see you out there! :)


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