Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fried Foods

This is a stupid research report...
Fried food heart risk 'a myth'
Most of us know the rule to avoid "fried food" refers to deep-fat friers, which can also be done with several inches of fat in a deep skillet.
This study, however, included sauteed food. It seemed to focus on sauteed foods. You know, a pan and a squirt of oil or spray of canola, sunflower, sesame, or olive oil.

So today we hear about a teenager who collapsed and was rushed to the hospital because she's been 'surviving' on fried McDonald's food. The problem was lack of vitamins. Granted, if she had been taking one multivitamin a week her whole life, she probably wouldn't have collapsed, but even then she'd have poor health. Deep-fat frying destroys vitamins. In fact, many scientists say that vitamins themselves can be toxic - they're too concentrated. On an empty stomach, some vitamins are somewhat poisonous.

Nothing beats whole, uncooked foods. I don't think this includes "whole" boxes of McNuggets.

I don't eat a perfect diet, but I also won't lie to myself or twist the truth.

(That's why I have to say that dark chocolate RULES!!!)

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