Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paria Canyon

Temperatures that day were around 70F. Mostly very comfortable, but there were some micro-climates we hiked/ran through that were 88F, scorching sun, no wind. Not exactly extreme but, adding the miles, we earned our beer.
Camping after a hard day down Buckskin Gulch and up Paria Canyon. Nothing beats sleeping out in the open under the stars.
I took some videos, but they're all washed-out too bright. Turns out my camera was accidentally set to over-expose. Shame - I had a few where I was running through Buckskin Gulch that really brought out the 3D experience.
As wonderful as all these areas are, I doubt I'll ever return to any of them. The World is way too large. There are too many places to experience and I'm too old to be returning to anything that's very far away. I'll be dead before I can see them all. Some might say by moving so fast, I don't get to fully experience places. They'd be right, but I'm experiencing more places. I do stop here and there. I have to sleep at night and sleeping out in the open instead of retreating to a motel is certainly a more thorough experience. So it's a trade-off.
I don't want to die soon - too many places I still want to experience. But when I do die, I'd rather it be out in some crazy place than on a couch or in bed or in a car accident. I want to "live" my life to the end, and share it with others doing the same.
Enough pretending to be profound. I'm a dirt jock. I like goofing off and having fun.

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