Thursday, May 31, 2012

White Pocket

This is the sign I found chipped into the rock about eye-level off into the boonie crags near Paria's White House. It doesn't look Native American, yet it was so old there was lichen in it. I almost walked right past it. There was no difference in color or texture between the chipped areas and the outside rock. Since it takes lichen ages to grow, it seems too old to be Native American. But the four equal-length, equal-spaced vertical lines, and the near symmetrical design caught my eye. It looks more like a ranch brand used on cows than a native petroglyph.

White Pocket was one of the most interesting places I've ever been. This plant is so unbelievably unusual. There were balloons instead of flowers.

We thought we could drive a lot closer. When we realized we had to go 10 miles each way, not a cloud in the sky, in deep, soft sand, we feared we wouldn't have time. We each loaded up with over a gallon of water each and walked/jogged/ran. A guy in a 4x4 past us going the other way and wagged his head like we were fools marching to our certain deaths. I wore as much white as I could.

The rocks were like bacon.

 Paul in his element, running back to the cars.
 We sat on a weird rock (all the rocks were weird).
I tried to take a pyhoto thru my glasses, but it didn't work very well.
 The eclipse was awesome from the Paria Plateau (photo by Markus Muller)...

(Any resemblance to Devo is purely coincidental.)

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