Sunday, January 13, 2013

Last Year, This Year

Going back over my blog, it seems 2012 was quite an awesome year! Canyonlands, Grand Canyon, Escalante, Buckskin, Paria Plateau, my San Juan vacation, and Dinosaur NP.
My feet have been off-again, on-again, which is better than always "off". I've been told by others that when you destroy your feet as intensely as I've been doing, and you lay-off, then your feet actually get back to normal after a few years. That would be good news!
This year, I plan to do much the same as last year. Maybe a 50M or two, nothing more ambitious. More non-organized adventures to wild places. Some over-night hiking/running, or biking adventures, mainly in deserts, using my new ultra-light bivvy gear.
I now have two 1lbs down sleeping bags, a "down sweater", two SOL bivvy bags, and a new vest-pack.

I have been guilty of neglecting my blog, as you can tell. Laziness has been reigning, in spite of my adventures.

My weight has not changed even as I've gotten less exercise. I eat less. I no longer eat as much as a small nation. I eat only as much as regular people, or less since regular Americans over-eat. I eat the same stuff, but I eat more BBQ than I used to. Fried chicken is something I've always loved, but I don't eat that more than a few times a year. No more than I have been. Deep-fat frying is poison.

In 2013, I'm registered for the Moab Red Hot 55K.
I plan to play in the area south of the Colorado River and west of the Colorado National Monument. This area will be a minor hobby this year.
I might return to Dinosaur National Monument, but not sure. If I return, I want help figuring out some hikes from the staff. The park is not the most amazing after an initial visit unless you know where to go to. There are tons of obscure places that are off the beaten path.
I'd like to run a Bighorn race, but I'd better get off my ass and get registered, if it's not already too late. The rat-race of registering for races puts a bad taste in my mouth these days, though. It taints the whole experience.
I also have some secret Canyonlands trips I might take.
Paul Grimm and I might also do some Four-corners adventures on bikes or running. We'll see what pans-out, since we make stuff up on the spur-of-the-moment.

I plan to get a passport. Seems everyone has a passport except for me! I've only left this country once in my life, when I bought my Honda CR-X in 1986, with 60mpg, and I drove all the way from Wichita, KS, to Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba just because I could.
It would be nice to follow a sudden whim and fly to some distant place for a few days.

If we'd get some real snow, I'd like to go camping a lot more this winter. It's freezing-ass-cold trying to camp when there's no snow.

I spend many of my weekends between Buena Vista and Salida, CO. I hope to move to that area some day, and have been looking at properties. I prefer to build my own home and have a well drilled.

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  1. You had an awesome adventure year, my friend, and I am glad your feet cooperate at least half-time. Here is to more of it in 2013! And, as your plans, we are set for smaller races, shorter stuff, and some sweet personal adventures.


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