Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vi Fuel is now VFuel!

I've been a heavy user of gu's, gels, bear-bait, or whatever you call them. There are some I've hated (PowerGel), and those I love (Hammer), but not much difference in how they seemed to perform. Then along came Vi Fuel. They have changed their name to VFuel because of a name conflict with a New Zealand product.
With VFuel, I noticed a significant-but-not-magical difference. Face it, mostly you have to train and race smart. Hydration and electrolytes are more important than fuel. But I noticed that with VFuel, I only need 40-50% as many calories. This is especially important if your stomach turns sour. The closer I get to max calories, the more nauseous I tend to get, so being able to fuel and lower calories helps. So apparently VFuel helps my body to burn fat easier. If you run too fast, your body will only use carbs, until that depletes and then it will attach your muscles. All the while, it ignores 1000's of calories of fat you wished it would tap into. Someone told me it was the amino acids in VFuel. I don't know what it is. All I know is it allows me to perform way better than I have a right to.
You can buy it online at the website. If you like it, ask your local running stores to stock it.
(Honestly, I haven't invested in VFuel at all. Just telling it like I've experienced it.)

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