Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Superfluous Training Run

Sunday, I went running from home. It seemed real odd, at first. I wondered why it seemed so freakin' weird? I've been running some for a few months now. Then it dawned on me - I quit training in May last year. I tried to run as many of the races I had pre-registered for. Then no running for a couple months. When I started again, it was only group running - trying to keep my social life intact. But Sunday was the first time in 9 months that I've gone running by myself, "just because".

My "week off" was odd. I only ran the Thursday DTR trail run. All my other mileage was walking. Somehow, I accidentally logged more miles than any week since the LT100 - 16.8 miles.
Last week, I continued the trend with 19.8 miles.

So things are progressing slowly, carefully. If my planatr starts to get worse, I'll quit running again. I'm pretty devoted to the idea of not running a single race until summer is over. There's plenty of recreational running to do, and lots of volunteering and pacing, so I'll be fine with this steady-slow comeback.

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