Sunday, June 13, 2010

Second Opinion

I was told by a sports orthopedic surgeon that I don't need surgery. Also, the latest x-rays show two things... The sock I've been cramming in my armpit to help pry the crack shut works. But... so much of the jagged edges started filling in over the first three weeks that the crack can never fully close.

Now that the two halves can contact each other, they can fuse, but it also means more pain. There's still almost no pain, which kind of freaks me out. No pain meds necessary. I hated them - so hard to wake up the next day.

He told me to join a gym and use the bike - a lot.
Wear the sling for 10 weeks. Already done it 3 so 7 to go.
I can run in 5 weeks on flat terrain. Trails are another matter. I can't afford to fall hard again. In fact, that means no Aspen Golden Leaf in late September. But mild trails in 8 weeks. So trail running is going to be hard to do this summer.

Meanwhile, I'm posting the Denver Trail Runner Thursday runs this month, even though I can't actually run them. I've been getting some walking in, though. We were at Apex Park. It rained. Everything is lush and green this time of year. Sage and everything else was growing so fast you could almost see it squirting out of the ground. And the scent! Man, right after rain, with the sage and everything, it is the best smell in the world!

I had my son help me replace the radiator in my old CR-V. Although the radiator is good as new, there's still a long list of things to fix. He wants to learn to be an auto mechanic when he graduates in a year. Let's see if he's still interested after busting his knuckles on stubborn bolts, etc. It's enough to make you real religious. Why, I talk in tongues all the time, when I work on cars.
- replace windshield
- fix the shorted-out electrical system that drains the battery dead in 3 days
- fix the gimpy moonroof
My Subaru Forester has lots of great luxuries, not the least is that everything works. The moonroof is HUGE!!! The stereo kicks pooster. But considering the design and engineering functionality, nothing will ever beat the old CR-V design. Everything is slightly better than the Subaru, if only it weren't so old and broken-down. Too bad Honda abandoned the great old design and basically turned the CR-V into a miniature mini-van in 2002.

In spite of lots of BS at work, and my broken arm, and my broken-down CR-V and drained bank account from buying the Forester, I'm very happy and contented these days. Very happy. This is an awesome country to live in. If only we wouldn't destroy the ocean, and others stupid stuff, but I do appreciate freedom, and that the average American really cares, even if they don't agree with each other and bicker about it. At least we can bicker about it without worrying about being sent to prison for subversion. I can go to work without worrying about being hit by a bullet or getting blown up.


  1. You joined the ranks of Karl, if it's any good news...I feel for you.

  2. If I could run as fast as Karl, I'd gladly keep running. LOL


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