Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Exo-skeleton

I got tired of not getting any sleep, and the lack of stability, so I made a cast out of 1/2" foam, Velcro, a cinch strap, and some duct tape. Voila! A redneck shoulder cast!

First step is to wrap my bicep in Ace bandage, and put on a short-sleeve shirt.

Then I cinch up my strap-on! (tehehe)

Then slip my sling on over the bottom of the foam cast.

Finally, over all that goes an additional shirt (with my arm inside) to help plaster it all a little more firmly in place. Usually a sleeveless running jersey works best.

During the days, however, the bones just keep moving around. I doubt the broken bones have even begun to heal.

And during all this, my old CR-V has died, so I'm walking and taking Lightrail. Kind of hard to shop a new car, get to doctor appointments, etc. Friday, it boiled-off an entire radiator full in three miles of uphill driving. Fill it and its empty in three more miles. Downhill, I drove 20 miles back home without having to stop. The radiator fans weren't working, but when I tried to fix them, they mysteriously started working again, before I could find a problem. I wasted all of Memorial Day putting a temporary epoxy patch on my radiator leak.

So no spare time in my life these days. Hoping my CR-V will get me to the dealership tomorrow to look at a 2006 Subaru Forester.

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