Monday, July 18, 2011

Leadville Silver Rush 50 - 2011

I really like the 50. Not to hard, not too easy, fantastic scenery, awesome people, not far from home.
I overslept. Somehow, two alarm clocks didn't wake me. The light in the sky woke me at 5:24. Race start at 6:00. So plenty of time to get there, but not enough time to get there all organized. Forgot my GPS pod, which would have helped keep me on pace. Didn't have time to deliver my drop bag.
My goal was a new PR. That would require under 10hrs.
I sprained my ankle at about mile 21. That sure didn't help. But I've had worse sprains, and an icy pool of water was blocking the road right after that. I stood in there for several seconds before continueing.
I made it to the half-way turn-around in exactly 5hrs, but the wheels were falling off. So Plan B was to finish as well as I could.
Not fast, not slow, just a fun day.


  1. I think I really like 50M distances lately too. I just need to live elsewhere so I don't have to justify flying to run such short races:) So, is the course all single track? Trees?

  2. The course is similar to the Marathon - same area. Photos almost interchangeable. The 50 is almost all dirt road, but sometimes the road peters-out to double-track, and there's a small amount of single-track. Mostly the race is about mining, so it winds around some of the richest mine-sites (some still active) in the Leadville area. Don't fill your bottles from these mountain streams - they're toxic Superfund streams. The hard part of this race is altitude - nearly all above 10,000ft, above 11,000ft most of the time, hits 12,000ft 4x's. Not as rocky as the marathon.

  3. Good to know - not a fan of dirt roads, and surely won't drink from the creeks now!


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