Tuesday, July 12, 2011


One of my friends died over a week ago.

Missing Golden climber's body found on Mount Baker in Washington

She and her boyfriend were coming down from the peak and had to descend a large snowfield. The snowfield wasn't particularly steep. Conditions were complete white-out. Some other climbers started the glissade down the snow, then Sheryl started down, then her boyfriend. When he got to the bottom, the first climbers were there, but not Sheryl.
As it turned out, snowmelt had created a creek under the snowfield and had melted out a very deep hole. I think maybe it was over 20 feet deep. In the white-out, Sheryl never saw it until she was sailing into it. There is a strong flow of icy running water in the bottom.
That was July 3rd? I haven't been able to get a good date, but the story was out July 5th.
Sheryl's body still hasn't been recovered. Of course, its bad enough, and no one wants anyone else's life to be risked in a recovery operation. Still, its very hard to take.
Sheryl was a very happy and energetic person. She's very much missed around here.

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