Monday, May 24, 2010


This is part of the dislocation and broken arm.

Not sure where the bruising is coming from. It might be blood deposits from minor internal bleeding, not necessarily classic bruising from the locations that are discolored. The bone break is like a knife in there. It doesn't hurt, but I think moving as little as possible is best.
Days have been easy, but nights are rough. I'm a tosser-and-turner, but I can't do that. There's only three positions that are comfortable, and each take some work to get just-right.
My arm hurts at night. I tried sleeping sitting up but I can't sleep. So even though days have been less painful, I'm becoming a sleep-deprived zombie. I don't think I sleep more than 10 minutes at a time.


  1. Jeff - just catching up here with your goings on, and damn, you're just a human wrecking ball. Glad to hear the PF is being quiet, but sorry to see you have a broken arm and you're not getting any sleep.

    You might consider a change of sports. I hear golf is easy on the joints/bones/muscles/ligaments.

    Was out at Jemez this weekend - just re-read your report - sworn off that bad boy for life. I know you dig that kind of stuff, but I like to run, and that thing is a straight up suffer/hike-fest.

    Rest up, and hope to see you somewhere toeing the line this year. Nick

  2. After finishing my first marathon I knew I would like to start training for an ultra. So, that's how I landed on your site. Sorry to hear about your injury. I also had plantar fasciitis early in my running career but thankfully it resolved within 6 months. Any advice for a runner that would like to attempt an ultra?

  3. Holly shit, on Earth did you manage to do all this, and still not scream bloody hell? Oh, right, you don't feel that much...not funny! Trying to re-locate your shoulder back on trail, dude? Jeff, honey, you hang in there, ok? It will take less then plantar, and you'll get to your 8 min/miles...and I'll see you next year somewhere in the mountains, right? Right!


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