Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Actually Still Here

Been a whirlwind past couple of weeks, and it won't end soon. But rest assured I'm still here and having fun.

After crewing David Clark to his LT100 finish, I stayed in Leadville until Monday.

How's this for a fiery sunset???

Monday afternoon, I ran up Mosquito Pass, ran hill repeats until horizontal rain scared me back down, and then right when I was about done, I wiped-out. Not far from the spot where I wiped-out during my last running of the Leadville Marathon in 2008. I landed mostly on my hands, rolling sideways and slamming my shoulder - the same shoulder I broke last May. It hurt, but not too bad. The next day hurt a lot more, but then it was fine.

Then, still oozing bloody goo from my scrapes, I met Leslie G and Keith B in town for the TransRockies Run.

My PT for my arm discovered that the fall on my shoulder seemed to help add a wee bit of extra motion in one sector. (Maybe I should fall some more?)

I had a very good run with the Denver Trail Runners at Apex Park. I hammered it hard and felt great. I was extremely careful on the rocky sections, but still went fast. When I fell on Mosquito Pass, I was being extremely careful, so even with care, the trails are sometimes very dangerous. I suppose I could crash and burn again even worse, someday.

Then over the weekend, my friends Brandy P and Chris R got married near Rocky Mtn NP, at a lodge. Partying two nights in a row, for me, plus a run Saturday morning up to Sand Beach Lake, left me very tired.

I started this week with a very intense VO2 workout at the gym, and then 5.2M around Wash Park. OMG, I'm so slow! I ran as fast as I could for one lap and only managed a 7:42 pace. I have GOT to lose WEIGHT! My midriff is a very embarrassing zone of lard. Even though my weight is not any more than it was two years ago, I guess I was fat then, too. If I shaved 12lbs, I'd be able to climb faster and injure less.


  1. I thought that gal in the picture looked familiar:) Running is still best recipe for keeping weight under control. I did so many tricks with so much effort while on a break, but what it came down to is first 50M week of running. Good luck!

  2. Yep, I came to the same conclusion. Also, I've been concentrating on VO2max and other speed work. That doesn't burn fat. I need some long hours on slow trails. Got that scheduled for this weekend, with altitude.

  3. Go JeffO! You're on the rebound buddy, I can tell. Great to see you!


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