Sunday, August 8, 2010

Run Rebellion Run of the Mundane

My Internet is down, so this simple post is coming from my iPhone.

I managed to log 130.7 miles in July. July is the first month this year that I've managed to run more than the same month last year.

August is off to a good start...
Joshhua Mitchell's Run Rebellion held the Run of the Mundane to see how many laps they could get in at Washington Park. It was a scorching day. I sweated buckets, but managed to keep peeing. I soaked myself With water constantly, yet I couldn't dump enough water on myself to keep the salt from crusting.
My goal was 100 miles in 21hrs. Not a realistic goal, in light of my year-and-a-half of persistent injuries, but it wasn't about being realistic.
I managed only 38.7 miles.
Mainly, I needed to find out where I was at in the endurance arena.
Conclusion: I suck - I've lost at least half of my conditioning.
I had hoped that I'd only lost speed, not endurance, but I think both areas are half what they used to be. I think I can only manage a 4:50 marathon, 5:45 50K, and 11hr 50M.
I could have gone faster and farther, but my crotch got severely chaffed - again. This is what happened last time I went round-n-round at Wash Park. This time, I quit before breaking the skin. The worst welt was puffed up a good 1/4". One or two more laps would have bled. Nothing about Wash Park would make that worth it. Even Vaseline didn't help. If it gets too hot, Vaseline melts completely and runs off. I should have used an anti-chaffe stick, but I used it up last year.
It was lots of fun, good exercise, and I actually managed to hold a 21hr hundred pace for 26 miles. Beats sitting at home.

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  1. Jeff - got to start somewhere. Glad to read things are headed in the right direction. Looking forward to seeing you at a few races next year.


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