Saturday, August 21, 2010

LT100 Crewing

I'm in Leadville crewing David Clark at his 1st ever hundred. He is slow but strong, and I think that is what should get him across the finish. His chance of finishing is actually better than mine ever was. I'm as nervous and hyped as I am when I run it myself!

Not sure what's going on with this race. I personally didn't guess that Lance Armstrong would try again, but he destroyed his own record in the LT100 bike race a week ago. Not sure why all the famous people are in town. Sitting here in the Provin' Grounds coffee shop just after the start of the LT100 run, and the star of Donnie Darko, Jarhead, Rendition, Jake G, and some other famous notables, have been sitting around the couch hunched over maps.

Been sleeping in the back of my Subaru and lovin' it! Looking at stars through the huge moon-roof is great. Although the young couple who drove up nearby and phuq'd made me lose 30 minutes of sleep. I still have the easy end of the job.
But I'd rather be running, even with the pain and agonies. Nothing beats the adventure of pushing yourself so far that you break.

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  1. ahh Provin' Grounds. My teammate and I stumbled across that last year during the transrockies- yum. My friend Paul Hooge is running Leadville this year. My heart goes out to all the champs running and crewing/pacing it!


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