Tuesday, May 4, 2010

13.2 on Sunday

I ran the equivalent of a half-marathon on Sunday, averaging 8:25 pace. I still need to take 40 seconds per mile off my pace in order to get back to where I was before my injuries.
Tonight was the Wash Park run. I couldn't get enough oxygen, so I'm still worn-out from Sunday's run.
Even though I'm doing the same mileage as several months ago, I'm doing it faster. So things are still moving in the right direction.

The Wash Park group is all but gone, now. Except for tonight, that is. For some reason, several people showed up, plus a new girl.
It seems that the key ingredient in running groups is women, especially under-40. If a woman shows up, and there aren't any other women, she won't come back. If guys show up, and there's no women, they won't come back. If a group is all women, women like it. And if they allow guys, guys sure like it!! No one cares if there's guys.
Since we ran out of women, getting new members is nearly impossible.

Another problem is, there are often women who are not very social. They come, and stand around, waiting to be catered to. Maybe they're feeling insecure? They often get mad if guys don't treat them exactly the way they want - but how are we to know how they want to be treated? And WTF, anyway?
Most of us aren't touchy about how people treat us. We just show up, gab a lot, run, gab some more, maybe eat dinner, and we're done. We're just out to relax and have some fun. It's not rocket science.
I try to make everyone feel comfortable, but everyone is different, so sometimes my efforts backfire.
Tonight, though, Sara showed up. I think she might return. She showed up and just started talking. She seems secure, out-going, and well-adjusted. Maybe if she keeps running with us, the Wash Park group will grow again.
All it takes is one (the right one).

My son keeps having music gigs on Thursday nights, so I keep missing the DTR runs. One more year of high school.

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  1. Hey Jeff-
    I agree, mostly, with your take on the women runners...and I really don't get it. I run with the DTR group during the summers whenever I can and also hit the Tues, Wed group. I am a third shifter so my schedule is pretty erratic and unpredictable. Sometimes I can make it, sometimes I can't. I have shown up to random people's postings for night runs and sometimes there are just three of us. I never feel like I need to be catered to but often hope that I can keep up. Usually I am the only girl of the bunch (occas. there is one other female) and I am not a real chatty person once we are on the trail. I personally like it that way. I actually HATE all women group runs and would prefer being with a bunch of men as long as they aren't all hardcore leaving me in the dust too much. Let me run with you guys and just wait for me at any intersections so I don't get lost...that makes me happy.
    I think you will see your group return as the weather becomes nicer. As for the insecure chicks, let them get over it. Don't cater, be friendly, and just do your thing. If they truly love to run then they will show up...
    I have sworn off roads and hard paths so you won't see me at wash park, but I'm sure to see you sometime this summer with the dtr. Don't be discouraged and keep running!!!!


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