Sunday, February 12, 2012

BP Part 2

I hit Bergen Peak again. Last long run before Red Hot 55K.
The trails were very packed down, unlike the week before, so I didn't get the workout I needed, but it was still 3hr on my feet at altitude and in clean air.

I know this is hard to believe, but I actually remembered to bring my camera! Not only that, but I remembered to USE my camera!!!

Storm coming...

Snow flurries...

Pikes Peak grayed-out, center, in the distance...

Mount Evans...

Below, in the distance, just beyond the hills, there's a gray cloud hugging the ground. That's Denver's smog, and it's been choking the shit outa me. In fairness, I realize my life in Denver adds to this smog - another reason I don't like driving anywhere to go running. Damned if I do for adding to the smog, and damned if I don't because my lungs will be processing tons of shit in the city.

Here's my snowshoes with the bolted-on trail shoes. I slip a pair of thick Gore-Tex socks over some Drymax socks, and I'm good to go...

I'm not in shape, so I'm not really ready for the Red Hot from that angle, but I'm sick of Denver and working, and I'm hankerin' fer a trip west and a long weekend. Taking Friday off work. I hope the roads are passable. There always seems to be a severe storm coming or going, and once they closed the highway years ago and trapped me in Frisco. I've seen a lot of jack-knifed trucks, and when they drive too fast with chains, the chains start to disintegrate and become shrapnel. Even safety equipment isn't safe.


  1. Do people call you "Mr. Positive" ?

  2. JeffO, Bryon and I will be at Red Hot. Let's catch up! :) :)

  3. Oi! Will be fun! I might have my son with me!

  4. I sent your Drymax socks photo to them people. Love the sock. Have fun at Moab!

  5. I should have thought of that - Bob would like this shot. Thanks.


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