Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vi Endurance

A set of friends a little north was having their public "outing" of Vi Fuel while my friends and I were in Estes Park. (Vi is pronounced "vee".)
Vi Endurance was started by Michael Hodges, Mike Poland, and Alan Smith. It's a new energy gel for ultra athletes. If you look at the ingredients, you'll see that it's different from any other product, including blocks. Vi has no refined, simple sugars. I have always preferred Hammer Heed because it has no simple sugars, but the taste was bland so I mixed it with Gatorade. Vi tastes sweet, though (not sure how they managed that). It doesn't taste as overly-sweet as other gu's, but it doesn't taste like bland, thickened Heed.
Since they're just starting out, there are only three flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and peach cobbler.
Vi is not yet available in many stores, but you can buy it here.
Expect to see plenty of people wearing Vi shirts and using Vi at the Moab Red hot 55K coming up in two weeks.
One of the other things I love about their website is all the featured runners in the banners are my friends from north-of-Denver on the trails we all run on.
Vi also has a Facebook page.

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  1. Awesome Jeff! I just linked to them and will definitely place an order to give them a try. Maybe they'll be my new race fuel for the TransRockies this year!


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