Thursday, February 9, 2012

No Logs, No Fire

I haven't felt real enthused about training. Races always seem fun, but I suppose if I don't rain, there won't be anything fun about 34+ miles across slick-rock, or 50 miles on any mountain course.

This year, I haven't bothered to update my Excel spreadsheet running log. I don't plan to, either. I don't figure I'll be logging enough mileage. The whole purpose was to guarantee that I don't over-do it, yet maximize the miles. I don't plan to train with such fervor anymore.

My right foot still hurts, but not as much as it did sitting on my ass. Still, I'm wary of putting too many miles on it. I want to spend more time using weights and my ergometer.

Mostly, I'm still too busy doing city things to get to the hills very much. I'm also trying to spend less money. Gas is too expensive to hop in and drive 200 miles to exotic places, or even often to less exotic places.
The smog in Denver is choking me more than ever, even though smog isn't as bad as it used to be in past years. I think the more smog my lungs process, the more toxins accumulate, and the more incessant my coughing, hacking, spitting, and nose-blowing becomes. Anyone who knows me knows I cough a LOT! Especially while running. It's one reason I usually prefer to run and power-hike alone.


  1. I am logging, not sure what though, for the most part:) I guess because it's not an excell spreadsheet but rather a paper-pen journal, I can put "weights, bike" and no numbers. That damn foot, I hear ya! And don't even start me on gas! WTF? Is it a way to get everybody buy Pria? But if I can't afford a gas price increase on my already paid and perfectly running car, how would I suddenly afford a new car? One of many other reasons I skipped volunteering at Rocky for the first time in TX race season. Bummed I paid for Austin marathon, so intend to at least get my bag and start the damn race, drop on the way. I checked out ViEndurance thing, looks interesting, I shall try it...once I start running, but I will. Price is reasonable who knows, may be I'll like it. Peach Gobbler? I don't like either vanilla or Chocolate.

  2. @Olga - Many vanilla gels taste like chemicals, probably because they are. Vi tastes more like vanilla, and the lack of fructose/sucrose means you won't get any weird twang in the flavor. (Sometimes sugar hurts flavor.)


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